About Us

Crosby Elementary School
"Home of the Cougars"


Crosby Elementary School was founded in 1959.  The school is named in honor of Josiah Frazier Crosby, who was a judge, legislator and secessionist leader.  In 1853, he was appointed to the Texas House of Representatives. He also sponsored the railroad legislation and campaigned for a rail link between Central Texas and the El Paso area. In 1857, Crosby was elected district judge in El Paso County. During his career, he advocated for both Texas initiatives and El Paso County concerns. Coming from humble beginnings, he proved that once you are dedicated to a cause anything is possible. We are proud to be the namesake of such an inspirational Texas hero.  

Currently, there are approximately 500 students that attend Crosby in Pre-K through the 5th grade, along with 60 staff and faculty members.  The school colors for Crosby are blue and white, and the campus mascot is a cougar.  Located in Northeast El Paso, Crosby Elementary students feed into Magoffin Middle School and Irvin High School.

The campus has one main building that contains all- the office, cafeteria, nurse's office, 4 wings of Pre-K through 5 classrooms, 2 computer labs, a library and a science laboratory.  There is also an auxillary building, former custodian home and the Multi-Purpose Gymnasium along side the school.  

In addition to a rigorous educational curriculum, Crosby Elementary offers a morning and afternoon pre-kindergarten class, a pull-out 4th and 5th grade Gifted and Talented program, and a 5th grade orchestra.  
Lastly, our school offers the Dual Language program in grades Pre-Kinder, Kinder and 1st Grade, and it will be introduced next year in 2nd Grade.