Diaz, Amanda

ReadingHello Students, Parents, and Colleagues! My name is Amanda Diaz and I teach 5th grade Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies. I have always loved reading and feel so lucky to be able to spend my life passing on my love of literature to young minds.

I received my first degree from UTEP in May of 2007. While I was at UTEP I studied a variety of topics, which led me to obtaining a Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies. I then got my teacher certification through the alternative certification program at UTEP. After that, I pursued my Master of Education as a Reading Instructional Specialist. I proudly walked the stage in May of 2011. Currently, I am gearing myself up to start a second Masters in Library Science, and may even consider going the doctorate route…what an exciting possibility!


I am looking forward to all the great things going on this year and if I can help anyone, or answer any questions, I’m always available. My conference period is Monday-Friday from 9:05-9:50.