Tucker, Shanon

Welcome to 1st Grade

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Greetings!!! I am so excited to see so many familiar faces in my class this year as well as new ones. I know many of the parents but can't wait to meet the new ones. There are a few things that I want you to know about me and my classroom.

I have a military background. I am a disabled veteran and am married to an active duty soldier. I have carried my military training over into the classroom which has served me well. I have a strict classroom, but the students know and understand that I care about each of them as individuals and kids. My students are taught respect for themselves as well as others.

My teaching philosophy is very simple. I know that in order for my students to learn they have to know they are cared for and in a safe environment. Simply put... I must reach their hearts before I ever reach their minds.  I will do everything that I am capable of doing to ensure your child is successful in school. This will be a great school year!!!!