Ms. Denise Michelle Thoreson M. Ed.

Denise Michelle Thoreson M. Ed.
Reading Intervention Teacher
Grades K-5
Room: 1 (located in the cafeteria)

My name is Denise Michelle Thoreson and I will be your
child’s Reading Intervention Teacher for all grade levels.  I am a native El Pasoan and this is my sixteenth year teaching and my third year teaching here at Crosby.

I received my B.A. from U.T.E.P. in 1998 with a major in History and a minor in English.  I completed my Master's of Education with a focus on Reading Literacy in the summer of 2008.

I have a wonderful family.  My husband is also an educator and wonderful step-father to my children. I have three amazing boys. Daniel Alexander is a freshman at Parkland High School , Christopher Amadeus and Johnathan Michael are Juniors at U.T.E.P. Johnathan Michael is working on his bachelor's degree in Business and Christopher Amadeus is working on his bachelor's degree in English Literature.

I am very excited about assisting your child in becoming a better reader.  I feel it is important to take this time to
write down a few of my thoughts on the education of your child.  As an educator it is my job, duty, and responsibility to infuse in your children the desire to learn.  Learning is like many other things in life, an ongoing process. We as human beings, build on prior knowledge and learn from experience and by example.  This is the foundation for how I manage my classroom and how I endeavor to provide all my students with good study skills and habits that will remain with them through their educational development.  I will be working to prepare your children for their school years to come. My efforts in the classroom include reinforcing the importance of being respectful and responsible.  I also endeavor to instill in your children the importance of asking questions when they do not understand.  I believe that it is in the understanding of the importance of the aforementioned concepts and the acquisition of good study habits, and reading skills that children are able to mature, learn, and succeed.
Working together in the best interest
of your children I am certain that they will do well.

Denise M. Thoreson M. Ed.