Fitness Fridays

        FITNESS FRIDAYS                
                                                                 Join US!!                                                         

We at Crosby are committed to the health and wellness of our students. “Fitness Fridays” is just one of the tools we use to promote health and wellness.  Parents are encouraged to come and walk with their child during their child's P.E. time.  We have been able to witness the big smiles on the children as they see their parents take the time to come and walk with them.  The parents/students are having an awesome time as they spend time with each other while at the same time becoming healthier with every step they take.


8:15-9:00      4th Grade

9:00-9:45       1st Grade 

9:45-10:30     2nd Grade 

10:30-11:15   3rd Grade

12:35-1:20     5th Grade 

1:20-2:05      Kindergarten