Campus Angels

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Working together is essential for us here at Crosby Elementary. We want to ensure that we provide our students with all the support, encouragement, and dedication that they deserve. Throughout the school year we will take the time to acknowledge the boys and girls, faculty and staff, and parents that are helping to make our campus a success.

Our newest Angel:

Mrs. Shannon Tucker

I have been teaching at Crosby Elementary for two years. Prior to that I was teaching at Moye Elementary. I teach 1st grade and love it. I have a great grade level team and enjoy the whole school atmosphere. This school year I applied for a district level grant in order to get a reading program to help our students that needed the extra support to be able to reach grade level goals. The program would enable all 1st grade teachers to have the program instead of just one teacher. The grant was for $999.95. I was able to get the grant for the whole amount I requested. This was a great accomplishment for Crosby Elementary.